Just a few of the Pictures I have restored for people thru email...
click the repaired pic to view a larger version

helen and her brother
Twillingate Harbor, 1930's I think, the harbor is iced in and on the far shore are two sail boats in the center
Here is a 11 x 16 picture they wanted repaired and reduced to a 8x10, so they scanned it in two parts and sent it to me, I joined it back together, cleaned it up, and added a new sky
Hattie Heckman Schooner postcard, the skipper was Captian Saul White, Helen's husbands grandfather
Here is a mom during the war
I placed her on a crystal stone
original look still, with a glass edge
parts of this picture was missing along with other problems that needed repairs
With this pic, it is of a grandfather and buddy, this was very tedious and took a fair amount of time
Here is a father from the old days, parts of the picture is flaking off and alot of black spots in it, i replaced the missing picture parts, cleaned up the spots, and focused the picture
Another old picture of a schooner from years gone bye
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