So you wanna do a Newfoundland Screech-in... right click on the certificate and save
Just follows the instructions below and have a great party
This is compliments of my uncle, Edmund Power. Alot of people know him as their school teacher

First have the people to be sworn in, stand on the floor in front of the crowd and just poke alittle fun at them and the way they look. Then have them dress in "oilskins" and do a little "jig". Next you have to get them eating like Nflder's, feed them a little salt fish, balogna, and some hard bread. After that, you have them sing part of a traditional Nfld song like "Ise the Bye".
Next, you get them to hold a shot of screech in a glass and repeat with you, "thru the teeth and over the gums, look out stomache, here she comes".
Then you baptize them by sprinkling them with saly water (even table salt in tap water). Next you draw a map of Nfld on their foreheads with hibernia oil (or lube), and tell them they can't wash it of for a week.
Now you get them to kiss a fish, preferably a cod.
After that you tell them to get on their knucks (kneel), and you say "Is you a Nflder?". Tell them they have to answer "Indeed I is me ole cock and may your big jib draw". Get them to do it individually if there is only a few of them. Explain to them that "ole cock" is a term we use for addressing people in a friendly manner, especially if we do not know them. The "jib" is the big sail on a schooner and as long as it draws wind, you'll have fair sailing; so you are really saying "Long may you have good luck".
Then you have them stand and sing the first verse of the "Ode to Nfld". Finally you present them with a certificate which can be dragged of my website, or if you are in Nfld, picked up at the local Nf Liquor Stores.
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